6 Mistakes When Writing A Resume

Your resume is one of the key tools when looking for a job. Your resume should portray you in the best light possible while still being relevant to the job you are attempting to get.

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Some individuals are nervous when they have to create a resume and have no clue where to begin or what to write. Some individuals are more confident in their writing abilities and can do it with ease. However, both make key mistakes while creating a CV. It may be claimed that one error leads to all the others – whoever prepares the resume from the perspective of the job seeker fails to put himself in the shoes of the employer who reads the CV.

Mistakes to avoid when writing a resume

Here are a few frequent pitfalls to avoid while writing a CV. Employers get hundreds of resumes from job seekers each year, so it is critical that you submit yours appropriately. Many errors may lead your resume to be relegated to a pile on the side…and then to the trash bin.

  1. Rich and varied experience compared to focused experience – From your point of view, your resume may present rich and varied experience. You have done a lot of things in life that pertain to different areas. But for the employer, what is being tested is your suitability for the job. That means a lot of the information is unfocused and not even relevant. It is therefore advisable to re-edit the resume, in a way that emphasizes the relevant qualities and skills in the things you have done in the past to the job you are interested in being accepted for now.
  2. Spelling and proofreading errors – Such mistakes create an unprofessional impression. It is critical to check through the resume language many times to ensure that there are no errors. You could also ask friends and family to review your CV and provide feedback. There may be formulations that seem obvious to you but are not to others.
  3. Be short and concise – Think about who is sitting and analyzing the pile of resumes. Do you think he wants to read a 3-4 page resume? Probably not. In most cases the employment experience of recent years is the most relevant, emphasizing what is important for the job and underestimating what is less relevant.
  4. Leisure activities – Some people tend to mention their hobbies and leisure activities in their resumes. Is this the right thing to do? There is no answer of yes or no, it very much depends on the circumstances. Your employer may be uninterested in the fact that you attend three yoga classes each week. However, there are activities that may attest to your ability. For example, if you take a significant part in a volunteer group that demonstrates responsibility, personal initiative, social commitment, and so forth.
  5. Not matching the resume to the desired job – You email your resume to hundreds of different companies after you’ve worked on it. That is, for organisations involved in diverse industries and for roles that are not entirely comparable. This is a huge blunder. A resume should demonstrate your suitability for the position, thus a generic one will not suffice. In each position, relevant features that are significant to the employer should be highlighted.
  6. Stick to the format – Those who are inexperienced in writing a resume may look for a resume for example on the internet. Or ask friends to see how they did it. Then just change the relevant details about education, work experience, and chronological order… a seemingly quick fix. But this is a big mistake, a resume should give personal expression. This form of work does not lead to optimal resume writing.
  7. The resume has a lot of weight regarding your employment future. It is critical that you accomplish this right, and you should also seek the assistance of a professional resume writer. Those that work in the sector professionally have a significant edge.

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