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Professionals, as well as the organizations for which they work, may benefit greatly from using LinkedIn as a social networking tool. So, if you run a business and don’t yet have a LinkedIn company profile, now is the perfect opportunity to do so! In addition, you should encourage your staff to create LinkedIn accounts and link them to your company’s page in order to get further visibility.
A company page on LinkedIn may be a great way to keep your customers up to speed on the latest developments in your business, as well as increase your digital marketing strategy. The LinkedIn company page is a valuable tool for enhancing your company’s digital presence in a variety of ways, including SEO, brand awareness, and online exposure. A corporate profile on LinkedIn serves as an online representation of your business. 

The Advantages of a LinkedIn Company Page and a Showcase Page

A LinkedIn business profile that reflects your organization’s professional image and attracts new business prospects is an invaluable marketing tool. Essentially, your LinkedIn Company page is your online finger print and should be an integral element of your company’s social media strategy. A strong linkedin profile page is essential, but it’s time to invest in a showcase page that can market your company’s goods and services right on the spot while the audience is eager.
Some of the advantages of a showcase page on LinkedIn:

Segment the showcase pages according to distinct audiences

which means that you may engage your audience based on their interests without wasting time on stuff they don’t care about.

Each showcase page has its own analysis tools, much like a company page.

This, in turn, enables you to monitor and adapt your LinkedIn approach based on how well your posts are perceived.

A showcase page is a way to display your brand's style and message in a visually consistent way.

A personalized banner and a detailed description of your goods and services can help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Showcase pages on LinkedIn can increase traffic to your business page.

In addition, you may point viewers to additional showcase pages on your website or your blog.

What We Do…

Basically, we take care of everything. In addition to creating your company’s profile and showcase pages, we’ll also manage the uploading of your documents. You may be confident in the online presence your business has thanks to our LinkedIn business profiles.
Our team of copywriters and marketing specialists will use their comprehensive experience to help your company’s online footprint grow. 


Choose Your Plan 
Our LinkedIn content writing services are outlined below.


Communication via email​
$ 325
  • We work with you on a shared Doc​
  • If you have any marketing materials for your business, please submit them together with the completed Company Branding Questionnaire
  • The information you provide in our Company Branding Questionnaire is used to create your LinkedIn Company Page
  • Amplify the visibility of your company's brand​
  • We Write, Create and You Upload​


Entrepreneur Package​
$ 1190
  • Unique, and high-level LinkedIn Profile written & uploaded for you​
  • If you have any marketing materials for your business, please submit them together with the completed Company Branding Questionnaire​
  • 60-min Phone Consultation with HR and Marketing Specialist to learn all about you and your company​
  • Optimized LinkedIn Company Profile written & uploaded for you​
  • Owner/CEO Profile Optimization​
  • Keywords Profile Optimization​
  • 60-min session 1:1 Review, revision, & strategy session to perfect your LinkedIn Profile & LinkedIn Company Page and teach you to master LinkedIn​
  • 30 Days of LinkedIn Mentoring & Support​


$ 880
  • Combo Premium Package​
  • Optimized LinkedIn Company Page written & uploaded for you​
  • Owner/CEO Profile Optimization Based On Questionnaire​
  • If you have any marketing materials for your business, please submit them together with the completed Company Branding Questionnaire.​
  • 30-min Phone Consultation with a Branding Specialist to learn all about you​
  • Keywords Profile Optimization​
  • 40-min Review & Revision Session to Perfect your LinkedIn Company Page and Teach you on the LinkedIn Network​
  • 14 Days of LinkedIn Mentoring​

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