Common high-tech jobs that do not require prior knowledge

The high-tech industry often employs software engineers and people with advanced technical knowledge. But not every high-tech worker is a programmer. In high-tech companies, there are a variety of different positions, such as those of people who deal with manpower, logistics, accounting, legal issues, marketing, and more.

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If you have any academic background or practical background in other fields that are not directly related to high-tech, it is possible that high-tech companies need workers in your field. We’ve even seen high-tech companies recruit fitness trainers, whether it was for employee well-being or even for fitness app development.

But what about those who have no prior knowledge and still want to join high-tech companies? You can definitely find jobs in high-tech companies that do not require prior knowledge. Sometimes, high-tech companies hold retraining programs and hold courses that prepare the recruited manpower for the job they are supposed to perform.

Technical jobs that do not require prior knowledge

The following are some examples of popular high-tech occupations that you may pursue without prior expertise. We highlight that these are ongoing job possibilities, not one-time ones.

Roles in technical support – High-tech organisations need technical support personnel on a regular basis. These may be support personnel who give technical help to both clients and employees of the organisation. This may be accomplished by phone, internet chat, video calls, and other means. High-tech firms will be able to provide you with training that will prepare you for the work and equip you with all of the essential technical knowledge if you have a technical mind, decent English, and the aptitude to study. Many Israeli high-tech enterprises sell services in the worldwide market; as a result, they may be needed to provide service even at night (due to time differences).

Analysts – High-tech organizations may need several sorts of analysts. Data analysts, for example, are in high demand. We live in an era where there is a wealth of information available, but it is also necessary to understand how to extract insights from that information. This is precisely the function of the data analyst; he may investigate the market or even internal corporate operations and extract vital information for the corporation. This is a fairly popular field nowadays, and there are several specialities within it. It is feasible that high-tech businesses would employ people who have no prior experience in the industry, but it is also possible to learn this in the course and increase your chances of being recruited.

Quality Assurance – Another sector that is in high demand in technology firms is QA, which stands for Quality Assurance. Before introducing a product, a lengthy and complicated development process is required to assure the product’s quality and integrity. This might be a mobile phone app, for example. Various sorts of testing will be performed throughout the development process to confirm the product’s quality. Even in this instance, high-tech firms may provide training to personnel with an analytical mind but no prior experience in the sector. Even here, though, people who have attended a course on the topic have an edge.

In general, it is important to note that not every high-tech profession needs an academic degree or a degree in the field of computers. The market provides a variety of courses that will enable you to obtain the tools required for high-tech integration in a matter of months.

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