How to find a job in 2022

Do you remember when your parents were hunting for a job and relied on weekend newspaper classified ads? You, on the other hand, are most likely a member of the workforce who began their quest for employment using online tools.

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The internet is an excellent place to look for work. For the time being, let’s ignore the obvious internet tools since everyone is aware of them. Because online job postings are so popular, the job postings get tens of hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes from a variety of people. Is there any other way to acquire a job nowadays?

Where to find work

1. Networking – Do not be alarmed by the word, we’re not saying you need to join all the networking groups (although you can also get help from them). All you have to do is look at your social and family circle, and ask for some help. Maybe you have some uncle in a senior position who can help you find a job in the company he works for. Maybe you have a friend in a high-tech company who does recruitment using the friend brings friend method. And maybe you also have a friend who knows someone who can help… Do not be ashamed to ask your acquaintances. In many cases, companies are able to complete recruitments without having to post job ads at all.

2. Contact companies directly – Companies do not always post their job ads on job search websites. In many cases companies advertise solely on their own website, thus reaching a more targeted audience. You can check the websites of various companies, in many of which you will find announcements about vacancies and recruitement options in the company. Even if the company is not advertising at the moment, you can still contact them and it can even be an advantage. When the Human Resources department is engaged in mass recruitments, they face a lot of inquiries and you pretty much disappear among all the other candidates. But if there are currently no recruits, they have time to give you a little more personal treatment. And if you make a positive impression, maybe they can find you something or get back to you as soon as space becomes available.

3. Placement in the framework of studies – Various universities, colleges, and educational institutions cooperate with the business sector and provide assistance in professional placement. Educational institutions receive inquiries from various companies looking for employees, and also hold various meetings where graduates can make connections with key people in the industry.

4. Job fairs – Occasionally there are job fairs. These can be job fairs organized by one company or fairs attended by many employers. Sometimes educational institutions organize job fairs, sometimes other organisations. The advantage is that you can meet a lot of opportunities in a short time.

5. Social Networks – The best-known professional network is LinkedIn, where you can find job ads from various companies. In fact, you can greatly benefit from it when it comes to making connections and building a professional image. You should know that there are others as well, including those that focus on digital nomads.

These are places where you can find work. Just do not forget to contact the employer through a professionally conducted resume. A resume is one of the tools for self-marketing and should not be underestimated.

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